Debut Album: Do Me a Kindness

Do Me a Kindness is Brian’s first full-length, solo, debut album / CD.  15 all-original compositions in an array of roots & classic rock styles, including folk rock, country, soul, rockabilly/swing, etc.  Produced and arranged by Brian with legendary Atlanta producer Rob Gal.  With lyrics clever & personal, yet heartfelt & accessible, Brian’s mastery of styles, wit, and themes is fully on display.

Online Distribution info is TBA, but for a free advance copy just email Brian through the contact page.  

Brian Matson Debut Album | Brianstorm Productions

A Touch of "Kindness"

Here are some finished tracks from Brian’s album.  All tracks are pure listening pleasure and suitable for the whole family.

Misc. Music

“She Dreams of Paris” and “Lolita” are studio productions by The Singles, a pop/rock duo with partner Phil Dutra. As heard on our EP release, Extended Playground

Leverage Song

Written for promotion of the TNT series Leverage (On-air promos are on TV Spots page.) Pitched with concept of an online user-generated content promotion in which fans could access show footage to make their own music videos.

Napoleon (50 Cent Version)

This version, pre-dating the animated clip, parodies the production of the 50 Cent song “Just A Lil’ Bit,” and does not comment lyrically on the Napoleon Dynamite quotation phenomenon. I rap/sing on both versions.


Because it’s never too late to start worrying about the millennial computer scare… Bare demo style recording created “quick and dirty” for the TNT interstitial, On The Road to Y2K, used in an entry shot at Nashville’s Music Row.

Dollar Store Kisses

Jack Johnson parody written for TBS Tunes, no animation produced

Reviews are coming in for Brian’s debut album Do Me A Kindness, and the buzz is unanimous:

“I don’t know Gwen Stefani, and I don’t know what she thinks of this cd.  But I look just like Gwen, and I LOVE it.”

Jocelyn McDaniel, Gwen Stefani lookalike
rep: Starstruck Talent & Attractions, Dayton OH

“Mr. Matson is a valued customer who consistently returns DVD’s in the condition they were shipped.  Though I found his CD pleasant listening, company policy prohibits any official endorsement.  We are crediting him one month’s service in appreciation of his puzzling inquiry, and wish him the best.”

– Blaine Farley, Netflix Customer Service Manager 

“Soon as I heard Brian’s masterpiece, I destroyed all the original Sgt. Pepper’s session tapes, straight away.  Out of pure shame, bloody self disgust.  My life’s work, with the lads and otherwise, is bollocks next to this, pure rubbish.  I’d pay a billion Euros right now to never have heard it.”

– Sir Paul McCartney

“It has a good beat and you can dance to it!”*

American Bandstand dancers, various
*(regarding hit records in classic styles that inspired songs on Do Me A Kindness)