TV Producer & Songwriter| Brian Matson

TV Producer & Songwriter

Brian Matson

TV Producer / Songwriter Extraordinaire

Brian Matson is a freelance TV & Video writer/producer, songwriter/performer, and creator of Brianstorm, a viral video channel on YouTube, Facebook, and Funny or Die.  He worked for the Turner Broadcasting cable network TNT for nearly 16 years, most recently as a Sr. Writer/Producer in the TNT On-Air promotions department.

Among his strengths is an uncanny knack for creating innovative music and/or humor driven projects for promotion, ad sales, and other unique business purposes. Brian believes when you sample his musical material, you will be convinced that he could write a catchy, clever song about anything, in any style.

In addition to his work at Turner, he has also written/directed/performed in many musical, taped and live presentations for other corporate entities.  See web reel on PROMOs page, click video on this page for his smash viral hit, Barack: An American Musivideo (sic.)